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My best picks for travel destinations that i believe must be visited at least once. Scandinavia and particularly Denmark is a wonderful travel destination. Tivoli Gardens – This amusement park is wonderful for both young and old. It was founded in 1843 and has come to gain much popularity. Walt Disney took much of his inspiration from these gardens to create Disneyland and the park is now referred to as the “Disneyland of Scandinavia”. The park offers rides, games, musicals, ballet, and major concerts. It is open winter through summer making this an excellent Scandinavian attraction.

Seeing London once should be on the check list of any traveler’s. Visiting London for the first time means visiting all the main landmarks and attractions. However, if you aren’t prepared, it’s very likely you will waste hours and days standing in lines. If you want to make the most of your time in London, consider skip-the-line tickets and priority passes at the most popular attractions. Yes, they are expensive, but think of it this way. What’s the point of paying all that money to travel to London to then spend all your time queuing instead of sightseeing.

Benefits booking private tours of Rome: With a Private Tour, you are accompanied by your very own tour guide and chauffeur, who are there to meet your sight-seeing needs. Having a team at your disposal means that you can be taken to the famous landmarks away from the hustle and bustle, beyond the crowds of tourists. It is like having a knowledge friend taking you on an adventure through some of the world’s best cities. What’s more, you can go off the beaten path into areas that even many locals themselves are unfamiliar with.

Other Adventure Travel locations:

Oman isn’t on the bucket-list for most travelers, which makes it all the more appealing to adventurers looking to get as far away from the large tourist crowds as possible. For 2019, Flash Pack is taking travelers into this little-known realm where they’ll get the chance to experience the history and culture of a place that is both accommodating and mysterious at the same time. Highlights include trekking along Oman’s famous Balcony Walk, which overlooks a massive canyon, and taking a 4×4 deep into the desert where only the nomads roam. In true Flash Pack style, there will be a few surprises along the way as well, including spending the night in a bedouin camp and taking a dip in a hidden water pool located deepen the desert.

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Top destinations for vacations with kids, a complicated problem for families with kids. Let’s see some places that are good for kids. Kilauea volcano’s lava flow on the island of Hawaii made global headlines for three consecutive months last summer. Now that the volcanic activity has stopped, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the island’s most-popular attraction, has reopened and is offering new experiences unlike anywhere else in the world for 2019. Hawaii Forest and Trail’s new Volcano Unveiled tour showcases the historic events that changed the park-explore a private lava tube with yellow and gold microbial mats living on the cave walls. Adventurous families may want to zip-line in the park with KapohoKine Adventures or peddle around with Bike Volcano.

Amazing Sardinia, a must visit for everyone. As attractive as the busy little fishing harbor town is with its pastel houses climbing up the hill, it pales compared to the medieval village inside the walls above. At the very top is a 12th-century castle with a good museum that explores the local craft specialty of basket making. The narrow streets around the castle wind steeply down the hill, breaking into steps at the steepest points, and in doorways, you may see women weaving baskets with intricate designs. Views from the top extend in both directions along the coast and as far as Corsica. The Duomo, in the little plaza below, has one of Sardinia’s finest altarpieces, dating from the 15th century, along with fine woodcarvings in the choir and a crypt. Its bell tower began life as a lighthouse.

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