Top places to see in Myanmar and the fabulous exotism

Myanmar is a dream come true travel point, there is such an abundance of color, exotic places and interesting attractions. Few people know about Myanmar, some only know it as Burma, the old name, and most people have the same reaction when they hear something like this from northern Thailand’s neighbors: “Myanmar, is this a country?”

It is also amazing, shocking and strikes you as a cold shower since you make the first step in the airport. Even though I seriously prepared myself before heading out this spring, nothing prepared me for the reality that you will find there. Whether you want to get there in the very near future, or want to enrich your general culture a little, you should know a few things about Myanmar.

To make it even easier, we have prepared a summary of our trip to Myanmar, with all that it meant for us, but especially with the lessons that can be of great help to you. Maybe you remember (it depends, of course, the year you were born) that, long after the revolution, in geography textbooks we were still told about Burma or Burma, although the official name change in Myanmar had place in 1987. Being a former British colony, they can be found throughout the testimony of its history, from the colonial buildings in Yangon to second-age people who understand English much better than the young ones, to the cars with the steering wheel on the right although, surprisingly, everything is driven. on the right, which is totally anapoda, but you will see that this is just one of the many weirdos in Myanmar.

Speaking of which, we have been told in Myanmar so many times that we are beautiful that we got a bit up. Not being accustomed to such goodwill, I initially thought that there should be an interest in the middle, that they were far too friendly, but it was not. They seem to like tourists, feel good about them and are very curious and sincere. Only in Bagan did I meet traders who were a little more insistent, but not as far away as the Balinese, the Turks or the Moroccans. At the first refusal, any attempt would end, which, we tell you from experience, does not happen much in other parts. And, as a very valuable tip, remember “Mingalarbar”. It is the greeting of the locals, it means a good day and you will surely impress them, especially if you come through the rural areas. Discover additional details at Myanmar tour program.

The bottom line is simple: there are two completely different styles of travel, and prices are tailor-made. Returning, however, to our experience, a room at a decent hotel (repeat, not luxurious) starts at $ 30-40 / night, domestic flights are about $ 70-100 / person, compared to the $ 7- you get on the bus, the balloon flight in Bagan starts from $ 300 / person. The food also cost us a lot – about $ 5-7 / person for a dinner – and the trips were not too cheap. Comparing, therefore, with Thailand or Bali (both destinations where we have spent quite a long time), Myanmar ranks among the most expensive destinations, despite much worse tourism infrastructure.

Almost everyone wears slippers, regardless of social status, clothing, time of day. Slips with shirt, slips at the market, slips at the hotel, slips at the restaurant, slips on the boat. In the end I bought myself a pair. The children are very curious and eager to interact with strangers. In the center of Mandalay there is a forbidden city, 8 square kilometers surrounded by huge walls, water and another fence, guarded by weapons, in which the army lives. Locals living outside the walls do not think much about it. Read additional info at Best of Myanmar.

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